Lord of the Grave – “Raunacht” (Switzerland)

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Some bands just give you a reason to wake up in the morning…well this one is one of them.

Lord of the Grave is a three piece from the hollowed out mountains of Switzerland and let me tell you these guys don’t beat around the bush. They indulge us with five non-revolutionary and yet genius tracks, that in my opinion, bridge the gap between the so-called “traditional” doom and the more contemporary style of this genre. It is hard to pinpoint but there is a certain “je ne sais quoi” about this band.

The master of ceremony featured on the album cover seems to have his troops well under control and as the first note of “Holy Vitus” rings out, you might feel compelled to rally the call and follow this horde of subterranean demons on their quest into the pathetic human world. This opening song isn’t just a mere tribute/reference to LOTG’s gods St Vitus, but a fucking crushing quicksand that will slowly swallow you and spit you out, leaving you totally empty.

My personal favorite song would be “Lord of the Grave”. Not only is the instrumentation perfect (hypnotic and barbaric riffs, off-beat drums and mad fills) but this is also really where the vocals play a major role, especially during this yet to be cult chorus. Singer Robert C. suddenly gets angry and as a result, their music becomes even more mesmerizing.

Sound engineer Martin Koch did an awesome job at capturing the essence of LOTG’s sound: an Al-Issa bass sound, a crackling guitar blaring through some vintage amplifiers and these pummeling drums that act as the conductor of this magnificent orchestra. The Grand Magus type of vocals – used intelligently and sporadically – really cements this dark opera.

I have read here and there comparisons to Sleep or Electric Wizard…well, I beg to differ (maybe except for the very last jam on “Raunacht” which reminds me of Electric Wizard’s endless jam on “Dopethorne”. I believe these Swiss alchemists have found the perfect formula and should be revered (I sincerely think LOTG is the flagpole of an already pretty active Swiss scene). They certainly have nothing to envy the aforementioned bands and I just can’t wait for their new material.


Doomy Evening…

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October 30th 2009 – Hyde Park Hotel – Perth,WA


GEMINI ONE (Germany)

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“Awe-struck” would be the word I’d use to describe what went through my head when I pressed the “play” button. I really wasn’t expecting such a nuke. GEMINI ONE comes from Germany and was named in memory of the unmanned space flight in NASA’s Gemini Program.
First of all, the production is just massive for a first release. The EP opens up with a distorted radio presentation which bleeds into a grand opening that would make cathedral-type of bands jealous. 1.20″ into the first song (“16:01:01.69”) and we’re already closing in to 0 bpm. But don’t be fooled by their methods: this German two-piece is cunning! (“Control Tower, I repeat, we haven’t stalled YET…”). Things definitely start to pick up a little further down the track…wait a little. Don’t rush things. You’ll get your money’s worth, I promise. Take you time and enjoy that Red Sparrowesque momentum first.
This then flows into “16:01:01.69″, a very different song as well as a surprisingly aggressive transition, mainly due to an impressive drumming and sometimes border-line-metal guitar parts. This song to me is their most mature, in that the rhythms are ingeniously varied (not only throughout this song but also throughout the entire 24” of the EP – there’s even a massive and spot-on blasting feast in the third song but shhh…I don’t want to spoil it).
To be perfectly honest, I kept thinking of that mid 90’s video game “Karmageddon” for some reason…
“Titan II” might seem more traditional at first with its typical Sabbathy feel which quickly turns into a more atmospheric yet chunky kind of doom. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that GEMINI ONE is an all instrumental band (I”ve been told that it’s better to let people know not to expect vocals as it might cause brain collapse otherwise (the amount of info might not be enough for their brains I don’t know…anyway, who would dare pretend they’re able to write lyrics about a space flight?). The beauty of it is that you cannot NOT notice how skillful these guys are, as there are no lyrics to distract your mind or cover possible defects). There it is! 6.14′: the blast symphony! Ever tried to picture Bill Ward blasting the hell out of his kit? this song is for you (unless you don’t like the proggy ending). Before closing down the curtain, GEMINI ONE indulges us with “2.789.864”. Here again, a savvy combination of heavy-duty doom with a few dissonant riffs for originality’s sake. Watch out ladies and gentlemen, the final moments of this fourth song is just pure genius! At this point I’m not to sure what genre of music we’re talking about anymore…Sure, some reviews classify them as DOOM….but please, don’t you just pigeon hole them like that! GEMINI ONE is more than just a doom band. I wish the final and epic riff of the album never ended…

Huata (France)

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Logo Huata copie


I recently heard of this band from Brittany( France). I though I’d have a little chat with the two members of Huata. After multiple line-up problems, they are finally about to release their self-produced EP “Open the Gates of Shambala”, as a free download on the Web. You have no excuse not to get a copy. This is raw and neurotic doom from a really promising band. Can’t wait for the next release.

1) Hi guys! How are you doing? What’s up with Huata?
Vkngjzz : We’ve been slacking off big time since we recorded the EP, even though we’d rather play gigs at some bars with our friends. We’ll wait till September before getting back to work and starting up fresh with a new line-up.
Carcinos : Hey! Major slacking off indeed…though I came up with some new song ideas. We just need to find a spot to jam and try out the new line-up.
What’s up? Well, we’re being interviewed, that’s not too bad is it?! We’re gonna have our EP mixed by Kris of HKY (thanks man!) very soon and we’ll put it up online as a free download. We also have to agree on an album cover before. Also, Huata is gonna be part of a role-playing game called Hell’s Rock. To find out more, here’s the link:

2) Can you introduce Huata to our English-speaking readers and also, tell us the meaning of your name?
V : I think it only a couple of words to define our music: Satan, fat, heavy, fuzzy, smokey and maybe also nuns’ gangbang and hippy pyres!
C : Huata is a Briton (Celtic) [Brittany not Great Britain] that means “Witchhunt” and “Booing”. Now it’s useless to deny that are influences deeply lie in influences as Black Sabbath, Coven, Pentagram. We do not pretend to be creating something new. So Huata reeks of fuzz, stoner and doom. It comes from the basement, it’s totally deviant. we’re after a real heavy sound yet vintage so as to speak of different types of heresies, evil, heretic practices, all that inspire disgust yet at the same time a really strong mystical inspiration.

3) About your EP…I saw that you were gonna put it up online as a free download. Why’s that? Tell us about the concept of the album…Where did you record it?
V : To be honest, given the quality of the recording, we decided not to send it to any label and instead to make our music available to them for free so that they wanna see us live, fucking around and playing loud. Regarding the actual recording, we preferred doing it all by ourselves because we want to have total control over the final sound. Contrary to the first Huata demo where  Huata does not render in the final mix. With this EP, we could go as muggy and greasy as we wanted without anyone behind us telling us to turn the bass down or to use less fuzz.
C : Yeah, it’s a five song EP. EP means what it means: we offer music, until we have a full new album ready. As Vkngjzz, we recorded it at my place, in a house in Trégastel. So it’s not the best sound ever, even though I personally like it that way. The aim is for people to get to know us. No commercial battle-plan! All we want is to be given the opportunity to perform live in front of people that are likely to dig our music. It’s huge already for me and it’s satisfying to see people get into what we play.
Regarding the concept of the album, one would better focus on each song, that each has its story (even if it’s not the most researched ever) and they really mirror the concept of Huata. Thus, the texts are about the abominable Josef Fritzl, the current Pope and his Hitler’s Youth posse. We also talk about necrophiliacs, Doomsday, everyday’s filth and the urge to just fucking blow everything up.

4) It seems your local scene is pretty active in your area…what are the good fellow-regional bands? You also seem to have a good live experience. Man I saw you opened for Ultraphallus!? (we did too in 2006 back in mother France)
V : No not really. For slow bands you have Huata and the Arm of the Dirty Rabbit. The local scene is pretty much all about party rock, ska and other vile hippy horrors. They kinda outnumber us. There’s also our buddies of TOTORRO, Chère catastrophe, Strangala, TBODLB and ESB that all sound sick!
C : Actually, in Brittany, there are lots of bands…a huge number of bands compared to the rest of France that’s for sure…problem is, extreme music is still not well received because we play too loud, too slow. Of course, we attract a loss less people than a reggae or a ska band, so even if if we know of a couple of venues where we can gig, it’s still really limited. Besides, there’s only a handful of us out there playing doom. That’s why bands like Huata, The Arm of the Dirty Rabbit, Totorro, Samhainn have had common members over the past. It’s pretty much the ten of us that really are into it. We were bound to meet. As far as other bands from Brittany are concerned, Stangala plays Briton Stoner. It’s worth checking it out! There’s also Artless Craft which is kind of the same genre. There’s also The Bottle Doom Lazy Band in Poitiers…we really dig what they do. There might even be a couple of sludge bands in Nantes but I’m not too sure. And, of course, there are some bands in Paris too.
I personnally have a decent live experience. I played in a shitload of bands before. Vkngjzz is still in five active bands. We didn’t do that many gigs with Huata but we did open for Ultraphallus who were on their way down from Belgium to Spain and played a show on their way to there in France. Good times.

5) Your music sort of remind me of a mix between Zoroaster, Electric Wizard and Church of Misery…especially “Josef Fritlz Syndrom” and its multitude of tempo changes. What are your main influences? Do you like Noise? What music did you grew up with?
V : I don’t really agree for Zoroaster but I do for Church of Misery…especially for the basslines. It’s a real influence (although it shows better live than on the EP).I would say that Electric Wizard, Weedeater, Earthride, Solace and Ramesses and the likes…this kind of stuff really inspires me in the way that I play and  and in the atmosphere we wanna get for Huata’s music. It has to remain really basic, fat, dragging and above all Satan! (?) Noise? I must admit that I am no big fan but I don’t mind it once in a while (Merzbow etc). Let’s say I like Drone better! I grew up with Magma (French Zeuhl band). My dad was a big fan. Often I’d browse through his vinyls to lsiten to some BB King, AC/DC etc. My mom on the other hand introduced me to jazz and classical music ( I even did 5 years of piano when I was a kid). I discovered metal (in its wider sense) when I was a teenager and really got into doom in 2005 after seeing SUNN O)) play a show in France. Since then, I’ve been fond of slow heavy sound.
C : Actually we could also talk about Zoroaster, Electric Wizard, Church of Misery, Solace, Black Sabbath, Bongzilla, Acid King, lots of Cathedral, Sleep…Like any other band, before having your own musical identity, you gotta go try different things. That said, I believe that since the recording, we did acquire that very identity. The song “Josef Fritzl Syndrom” was written by Vkngjzz and it is true he really likes the idea of changing tempo from slow to mid-tempo. It is not really my idea, but I really like this approach.
I am no big fan of Noise. Not my cup of tea. As a kid, I travelled a lot. During the long trips, my dad would repeatedly play the same albums by the Beatles, Creedednce, Steeleye, Jethro Tull and of course, classic albums from the Celtic Renewal scene like Dan ar braz and Alan Stivell. These are bands that still have a special place in my heart today. I discovered Black Sabbath really late, after I had the idea of starting a band that would sound like Huata. I also had a big brother that was a huge rock fan and who inspired me to buy my gear, my instruments and when he left, I discovered my own favorite style.

6) How come it’s only the two of you in the band? Does your music scare people away? Are you looking for new members or do you intend to stay a two-piece?
V : Internal issues linked to the musical evolution of the band and mutual misunderstandings are the reason why we write only as a two-piece.
C : I agree. I think when one’s young, they like to play in a band because it’s cool, because because people get to know you, because you’re more than the average youg guy. It also molds your personnality. The issue for passionate people like Vkngjzz and I is we can’t just be satisfied with that and look back on this and say “these days were awesome”, we need to play…not for the girls or to brag about it but because we need this, the sound, the style etc…and personally, I could do this for the rest of my life… easy! So we found people to fill in because we want to play live and a full line-up is required.


7) On your myspace, there are songs from really different genres. Are they older songs or do you just try out and play different styles? (I’m thinking of “Crushing Dead Hole” in particular, which dirty bluesy atmosphere reminds me of Motohead and this Lemmy-like vocals, much more noticeable than in other songs)
V : Absolutely, it’s from different eras. The first one had standard tuning and very little fuzz. It also had a  more standard rock n’roll tempo and atmosphere.When I joined Huata, I knew what Carcinos had always been looking for soundwise and I brought my own touch, my big amps to fleshen that all up and we tuned down and started playing slower. I think that even though the old tunes are good, they do not show exactly the vision we have of Huata nowadays, especially regarding the atmosphere.
C : I think that Vkngjzz summed it all up. I would add that the style we play is really not common in our area and that the people I played with at first didn’t know much about this type of music, that’s doom. So to get as close as what I was looking for, it took several stages. That being said, I am a Motorhead fan and there’s a reason why we wrote that tune.We do not seek to vary styles, it’s really a natural evolution.

8) “Open the Gates of Shambala”…are you practising buddhists and fascinated by german and northern France serial killers or is it just a random title? Tell us what’s on your nightstands…a biography of Gerard Schaeffer or the Dali Lama?
V : Haha, it might throw some of you off but I am not buddhist. I am straight-edge. Pretty rare for someone who is into doom, stoner and sludge right? I’m not really into reading, except maybe a litle Sci-Fi to get the inspiration for one of my other project (in which Carcinos also plays) called The Arm of the Dirty Rabbit. Put it that way, we wanted a name that conveyed our intesrest in occultism, satanism etc…but in its theatrical, grotesque/burlesque aspect. As far as the atmosphere is concerned, we really were looking for something that would sound typically doom and Coven’s illustration definitely influenced us too.
C : A little bit of both. The legend of Shambala comes from Tibet but also from all around the world and it is quite astonising to find similar legends amonst Native Americans or even in Austria! It’s also a legend that rallied the myth of Great lost civilsations (Thule, Atlantis, Mu…). The legend has it that after their world collpased, they took shelter underground and coexisted together as “superior Civilizations”. Some say they’re not really humans, rather extraterrestrials. For your information, throughout the history of humanity, there has been a dramatic development of an entire world of legends and supernatural theoris, some of which are still advocated by scientists or acheologists (like the one by Graham Hancock).
On my nightstand…there’s the Book of the Law by Aleicester Crowley, the Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury
and also a book on parisian cults that I’m about to start.

9) Why do you think people are so fascinated by serial killers? Are they jealous? What do you think of Church of Misery’s work on that?
V : For me, the way I see Huata is literally: fun, derision and above all a 666th degree on serious topics. That’s why we play with monk cloaks with satanic bling made of aluminium foil and sun glasses. We want to ridicule the traditionnal metal topics and at the same time add some sort of phony occultism.
C : For me, no big news but I think there’s a bit of evil in each of us. We’re potentially all criminals.I shall prefer the ignorant fanatic over the one that shall refuse to believe. I prefer the one that fight against believing over the one that refuses to believe. I prefer the one that knows and tries to find a compromise using their impulses over the one that fights.
However in Huata, I love to deny lots of things and as Vkngjzz would put it, enjoy ruining PC topics of conversations, whether it is about the steroetypical metalhead, hippies…everyone actually. The aim is ironical. It’s about derision. Anyway our lyrics are almost inaudible all through our songs. So it’s not the main goal.
Regarding Church of Misery, it’s just another topics you know. They are really into it and it’s not too bad. I’m really interested in their music really.

10) What have you been listening to lately? V : I’m really into grind at the moment (Magrudergrind, Agoraphobic Nosebleed etc) and also a little bit of drone/doom with Boris’ discography, Asva and a little bit of 90’s hip-hop (?!) too. It depends on the mood. I am just not only into stoner.
C : I write reviews too (and so does Vkngjzz!). At the moment I am checking out Dopethrone’s(Quebec)  first album.Then I’ll move on to Ravens Creed, Orange Goblin’s Ben Ward’s thrash band. I listen to a lot of Truckfighters too. Sometimes I’ll take a shot of Electric Wizard or Sleep’s Dopesmoker. Unlike Vkngjzz, I almost only listen to stoner and doom. When I’m not, I listen to Jimi Hendrix or Creedence. Needless to say I don’t look too far.

11) What are the indispensable elements to your music? (drugs, havy sound…) What’s the best moment during the day to put some Huata on?(at work, while having breakfast, while doing the dishes…)
V : Being straight edge, the most important element is a dirty, loud and heavy sound…ideally a basement or a really “Satan” place (?!)… possibly a disco party in Hell. The best moment to listen to Huata is anytime […].
C : Unlike Vkngjzz, I like drugs, mainly weed […]Stoners might like us even more if they smoke. You don’t have to though (it’d be sad). Best moment to listen to Huata?…easy…live, with no earplugs, a mammoth beer in your right hand, a cone in the other (for non straight-edge), wearing a monk’s costume and accompanied by a small satanic clan.

12) Have you played in any other bands before? Do you have any side projects?
C : Vkngjzz and I both are in a band called “The Arm of the Dirty Rabbit:. I’m on drums and he’s on guitars. It’s a huge project with a lot of doom and psychedelic sounds. The themes are outerspace, solar winds and supernovae. […]
V : […]I am in lots of projects besides Huata.: The Arm of the Dirty Rabbit (that’s my baby!) but I am also in Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (grindcore with a drum machine borderline electro), Diluting Inertia (chaotic and dissonant death metal) and I also play drony with a friend of mine and I also play in some crusty band with my best friend. […] I try to have a go at everything as long as I get to play the music I like with people I like.

13) If I were the head of an ex-USSR mental institute, I’d probably use your EP to chastize my patients for no reason haha. It’s so chaotic and deranged…How do you get your inpiration?
C : Really? I didn’t know it would have this effect. I don’t know why or how the inspiration comes but regarding the vocals, it really came naturally. I just felt like screaming. Then I found my lines. I was really satisfied with them by the way. I really had no idea that it was gonna sound that deranged! Singing this way always fucks up my vocal chords but it’s a pleasure every time…kinda like being in trancelike state.
V : I didn’t want Carcinos to yell to much on the recording, which is what he tends to do live. I don’t think it suits our style but everyone has to bring their own elements to the sound. So I’m not to picky about it. During the recording, we would watch lots of South Park  and horror movies but I don’t know if it inspired us or not for the sickening and depraved atmosphere of the EP. We do have a certain taste for tasteless and black humor. Maybe that’s where it comes from.

14) “Diving in the swamp” kind of stand outs by its more staggered rythm and resorting to alternated type of vocals. Where is this swamp? In Brittany haha?
C : This track is different indeed. It’s just simple, raw, quick and efficient. We really like these kinds of songs but I have to admit it is really inspired by Earthride. This swamp is acutally the world we live in, of which we try to struggle out of and exhaust ourselves doing so. It’s like we realized the world really sucks and throughout the songs, we are coming out of it, using fuzz and Satan.                                                                                                                                                                                    V : It really is an “in your face” kind of song. It’s not what I want to do with Huata in the long run but it really boosts your playlist and I think we should keep incorporing this groovy and simple aspect of our music. It’s efficient live…we experienced it.

15) I can feel the Electric Wizard influence but also in “Ratzinger Pussycat”, you remind me of Sunn o))). Why did you write a song about the pope? Is he a serial killer in your eyes? By the way, congrats for the instrumental song (which proves you don’t necessarily need vocals to bludgeon the crowd)
C : Vkngjzz is an absolute Sunn o))) fan, he had an epiphany when he saw them for the first time at Furyfest. He has his own Sunn O))) , the entire discography…a die-hard fan. I’m not really into this type of music, even though I dig Domkirke. It’s really excellent. For the sound, we must admit it really sounds like Electric Wizard. What can we do?We love it!
We talk about the pope because on the one hand SATAN (?!) and on the other hand our pope belonged to the Hitler’s Youth, so SATAN(?!). Finally, the current pope tends more than anything else to pass himself off as SATAN (?!). Really with such a name (who reminds me of a Nazi Rat or Raspoutine),such a face, such comments…he is totally SATAN (?)
V : Yes, I’m a die-hard fan of Sunn O))) but it didn’t influence us […] For the anecdote, I had never realized there was no lyric before the recording because live, Carcinos yells out made out shit over the microphone…as usual. Besides all that, let me just add umteenth “SATAN!”.

16) In your opinion, what bands played a major role in the evolution of doom? From old funeral doom to more psychedelic doom bands that is…
C : I think Cathedral, Sleep and Electric Wizard are bands that managed to bring something new in this genre.
V : Well, Black Sabbath of course. In their style, Electric Wizard managed to come up with a good atmosphere/sound balance. Then Sleep smashed everything with Dopesmoker (one of my favorite albums) and its concept, sound and riffs. But yeah, Khanate and Sunn O))) are the masters!

17) What’s that map on your myspace?
C : It’s a marine map dating from the 16th Century on which the legendary island of Thule can be located.The legend has it that after the kataklysm in Thule, the inhabitants would have taken shelter in the depths of the kingdom of Shambala.

18) You declared that Huata is a world where morality does not exist? What the most moral thing that you hate the most immoral thing that you love?
C : The most morale thing that I hate are symbols! Symbols dictate us dogmas, behaviors to assimilate and have us trapped in judgments. They give us the skewed versions of permanency and truth! The most immoral thing that I love is to go along with these symbols and dogmas and to create a fake world where all symbols are real and all prejudices are true !
V : tricky question…I’d probably flip this question over. Being SxE, I have a pretty rigid vision on morality and everything that doesn’t fit in seems abnormal to me so it’s hard for me to say that I loathe moral things. Actually, I’d say I loathe  people’s expansiveness,  people that are too pleasant/polite, too talkative. I have a real problem with these people/cultures. I tend to call everyone a “Hippy”.

19) Who did your atwork? Is the cross featured in your name a gimmick (eg: bandname? ) or a sign of allegiance to the doom scene?
C : Marion (Léonie bird) did some of the artwork and so did. Vkngjzz worked on the EP cover…We don’t have any regular partnership established yet […]. The cross in our logo is simply because SATAN (?!)
V : We kinda give the (black) metal imagery a twist  by using not an inverted cross but a crucifix with the guy on it. I dunno, I just cracked us up to put the guy upside-down.SATAN (?!) period. Because of my studies I am naturally prone to work on visual graphics for my other bands but for Huata I have more ideas about shirts than for the cover art for instance.  We try to find compromises with everyone’s ideas.

20) DOOM STONER SATAN….do you actually believe in this values?
C : Yes. I do. I also believe in Fuzz.
V : Let’s keep it simple: stoner: no doom: yes  satan: no  fuzz: yes

21) How’s Huata like live? (nice shades and hoodie man…)
C : Well, generally people are surprised and often people get down to the music, especially during the more rock n’roll bits…They also get to laugh a lot.
V : It’s fun and it’s loud […]. We laugh a lot, it’s really rock n’ roll and we just shout SATAN all the time. It’s really laid-back[…]But we’re not like the Ultra Vomit of doom. We don’t play joke music, even though our texts and clothes might be funny[…].

22) I’ll let you wrap this up. Thanks for the interview guys!
V : SATAN, play slow or die, play loud or don’t. and one more time: Satan.
C : DOOM what you will shall be the hole of the law !


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NODUS GORDIS is currently looking for new bands to develop its distribution network. There are a couple of bands lined up already but as the saying goes…the more the merrier.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are interested in what you do!


LORDS OF BUKKAKE – Self-titled – Odio Sonoro Records (20AUD postage included for Australia)

KARBONIZED TRAITOR – Take it in the Ass – Forgotten Wisdom Prods (20AUD postage included for Australia)

GEMINI ONE – S/T – Self-Release (20AUD postage included for Australia)

ATOLAH – Relics- PsycheDOOMelic (20AUD postage included for Australia)

A little bit of self-promotion: Atolah to join PsycheDOOMelic

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Atolah are pleased to have a new ep called ‘Relics’ coming out late next month (hopefully) on Austrian doom throne  psycheDOOMelic (http://www.psychedoomelic.com). check ’em out if your a doom fan cus they’ve released some class shit including the well grouse ramesses/negative reaction split.

Furthermore, sometime in the new year we hope to release a spilt 7″ (yes just for the cool kiddies!) with downhill crust rockers KARBONIZED TRAITOR!

“Relics” should be available pretty much worldwide through the following distributors (Australian distro will be carried out through NODUS GORDIS Dsitribution:



CANADA: Obskure Sombre


FINLAND: Firebox Records, Kult of Nihilow


GREECE: Labyrinth of Thoughts


IRELAND: Sentinel

ITALY: Black Widow Records, Vinyl Magic (Brainstorm)

JAPAN: HG FACT, Leafhound Recordings, Record Boy, Weird Truth Productions

Scotland: Compact Disc Services


USA: Stonerrock.com, Aquarius Records, Brainticket Records, Game Two Records, HELLRIDE MUSIC ,Red Stream, Relapse Records, Shifty Records, Underdogma Records
Stay weedy friends!

Cough (USA)

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Cough logo 



Reader meet Cough, from Richmond, Virginia. No this ain’t a old-scholl thrash metal band. The name gives it away: it’s a sludgedelic pneumonia we got here. Cough is a three-piece that has a strong Sabbath/Electric Wizard vibe to it. Of course, if what you want is revolutionary music don’t bother man. This is doom…no “true technical Finnish death metal”! It is simply some extremely good old doom injected with insane vocals. Interview with Parker…


1) Hey David, Chandler and Joseph! How are you guys doing? Thanks a lot for replying to this interview!

Thanks for asking us.  It’s just me, Parker (Chandler).  David’s floating around on couches and Joey’s at one of his jobs right now.  They say ‘hi’.


2)  I am the proud owner of your latest album “Sigillum Luciferi” and it’s a fuking killer! How long has it been out for? Tell us a little about that period up until you hit the studio? Do you have any new material?

Glad you enjoy it.  “Sigillum Luciferi” has been out for about a year and a half but it was just released on vinyl thanks to some awesome labels.  That’s our first full-length so I think we were still figuring a lot of things out about writing with each other.  We also had a singer at the time, so there were other ideas going around about what we should be.  We were actually supposed to record that record with a somebody in Richmond but he bailed on us at the last minute so we decided to go with Sanford Parker.  He knows heavy music so we’re excited to be recording the next full-length (Ritual Abuse) with him in October.


3) As I was about to order your old demos, you guys put a post up saying you ran out…FOREVER! What happened? Did you lose the master copies? Any chance that you might have them repressed?

We still have our personal copies of the demo but since we were doing all the screen printing and burning ourselves we decided it was best to let that one go.  It’s hard to keep up with everything and there wasn’t a lot of demand for the demo at the time, plus we had it up for download.  If anybody wants to release the demo on vinyl we would be more than happy to put it out, we just don’t have the money.



4) Cough…How did it all start? Were you guys in other bands before? Have you always been playing this slow stuff of have you evolved towards it? What did you grow up listening to by the way? Do you have any ‘shady’ in your music collection? Come on…surprise me!

Joey was in a band called Sword who has since changed their name to Lord by Fire to avoid any confusion with THE Sword.  David was in a band with our first singer called the Setup.  I hadn’t done anything serious in years.  Joey’s been doing it the longest, I would say.  We’ve always enjoyed the slow stuff but we hadn’t really found the right people to do it until we started hanging out.  Black Sabbath is obviously a classic band for anybody to get into at a young age.  Once you get older and really listen to them you start to pick up on more and more things and it evolves from there.  You get deeper and deeper into the genre.  The shadiest thing I have in my music library is obscure porno-grind; I had a phase in high school.


5) You guys are from Richmond, Virginia (is for lovers)…Usually, it is more famous for its thrash or even punk scene (The Northern Virginia/DC area) scene. Were you ever into the DC hardcore scene? Do you sometimes feel lonely or do you have buddy bands?

Richmond is very diverse.  We’ve got some really big names and some really small ones, but none of them play as slow and heavy as we do.  The DC scene is known for doom, but it doesn’t seem like many people respect it up there.    In high school I saw Khanate and Thrones at this shit hole in Woodbridge (birthplace of Pentagram).  I went to high school right outside of DC so I did go to a lot of Hardcore shows, but there wasn’t much else happening. 

As far as friendships go, we’ve made some good friends over the years so we don’t feel alone at all.  


6) Have you ever played at Jaxx in Springfield by any chance?

No.  We know better.


7) Why did you choose to be a three piece ? Ever considered taking on a fourth member?

We were a four piece but the singer left.  We would consider a second guitarist but that’s it.  It would have to be the right kind of person to put up with our shit.


8) “Tune down…smoke up”…are marijuana laws is Virginia likely to change or not?

With the recession I think it would make sense for them to legalize and tax weed but they’re not going to admit that they’ve been wrong all these years.  Americans are strapped for cash but they still have the money to get fucked up and they do.  I’m sure that all drug sales, legal or illegal, are doing just fine.




9) Would you say Cough is more of an live band or a studio band? How often do you guys gig? What was the coolest show you gave?

I’d like to think we’re more of a live band but more people are going to hear the recording in the long run, so we try to do them both well.  You’re not going to get a light show or a big smokey production, just loud riffs.  

We normally play a couple times a month or sometimes not at all.  Turning down an awesome show is hard to do but sometimes we’ve got to.  We recently played with Sourvein and Unearthly Trance in Brooklyn and we’re glad we didn’t turn that one down.


10) How did you end up on Forcefield Records? Do they tend to release vinyls? What is your favorite medium by the way?

Tim from Forcefield is an old friend and he’s all about underground music.  He acts as if his releases are his bands and he does what he can to take care of ‘his’ acts.  It was a no brainer when he asked if he could release our record.  He’s starting to do more vinyl which is our favorite medium.


11) What gear do you use live (any different than in the studio?)? Is it full artillery or is (as I imagine) carrying the gear around is just too much of a hassle?

Live, we use everything that will fit in the van.  In the studio, this time around, we’re going to try to go full-force.  Not sure how that will affect the sound but I heard that Blue Cheer did it.


12) What do you think of all these more atmospheric/ambient bands like Red Sparrowes, Pelican, Cult of Luna etc etc…?

Those bands don’t concern us, they do their thing and we do ours.  


13) Is Cough a satanic band or did you just use the artwork because it simply looked good? Could you tell me this satanic imagery and weed mixes up so well? ( I always wondered…)

We use the imagery as a metal band above anything else.  Everyone is self-indulgent and materialist no matter what god they claim to have a personal relationship with.  Religion is bullshit is how I choose to look at it.  If Christians actually followed what they claimed to believe, it wouldn’t be so hard to tell them apart from Satanists wearing their crosses differently.  

Weed has been around for a long time, that’s probably why it goes so well with satanic imagery; anything ancient goes well with metal (robes, fire, swords, bones, etc.).


14) What would you change in Virginia?

Population control would be a dream come true.


15) On “Shallow Grave” there is a very familiar riff…is it a reference to some band?

I’m curious to know which riff/band, it’s been about two years and nobody’s ever pointed that out.  I hope we did it better.




16) Ever been to Europe? What are you favorite european bands?

We’re working on getting over there.  The Wounded Kings are a big favorite of ours and we’re actually doing a split with them soon.  Aside from the obvious: Reverend Bizarre, Moho, Ufomammut, Lord Vicar.  


17) I read on a French website that Cough, even though reminds us of the golden era where bands like Electric Wizard and co. were at their best, Cough isn’t original. What would you reply to that? (What’s with people wanting originlality all the time anyway???). Are you obessessed by the quest for originality?

It’s still great that people mention legendary bands in our reviews.  There’s a saying that ‘everybody has parents’ and it holds true in all forms of art.  We’re not trying to do something that nobody’s done before, we’re playing doom.  Although all of our influences are great bands, none of them are original, they’re just the best at what they do.  


18) What are Cough’s plans for the near future?

Recording ‘Ritual Abuse’ is at the top of our list right now.  A couple shows coming up, maybe a small winter tour.  Split LP with the Wounded Kings.  Hopefully a European tour after all that.


19) Are you gonna be at the Stoner Hands of Doom 2010 edition? Have you ever played there and went to the festival? How is it?

We haven’t been invited, maybe someday. 


20) I’ll let you conclude this discusion…

This has been a beast of an interview.


Thanks a lot oh Mighty Cough!

Take care.