Black Acid Devil (USA) – “S/T”


I have associated Colorado with sports: The Avalanche, the Broncos and snowboarding (as well as “Dumb and Dumber” of course). This is now a thing of the past as I will, from now on, remember this state as the homebase of Black Acid Devil. I don’t know if they are into sports- when I think about it, it seems pretty improbable, as you can’t blame someone for [“not knowing] anything about dopesmoke” and be an ultimate jock – but it seems to me they had better things to do. Like play some wicked and tar-thick music for example.

Coming from Boulder,CO, this fresh three piece definitely knows how to use their influences and use them “intelligently”. If listening to the opening track “Firebird” felt like traveling back to 1998 and re-discovering Nebula’s “Let it Burn” – due to the song’s catchy psychedelic rock riffs, a rolling bass/drums combo and echoing vocals – the rest of the album is really different from this first song. Another changing element is the type of vocals used throughout these five songs in that it ranges from lackadaisical (SoCal-style) to really aggressive (a mix of Mastodon and Matt Pike maybe?)

“Nameless City” takes more of an epic approach. Starting with a nice and quiet Arabic intro theme – later mirrored in the faster recurring guitar bridge -. This song has a general doomy aspect to it while keeping its groovy elements.

“Dopesmoke” (come on guys…make an effort for the title!) starts with a bass line you expect to be followed by some crude sludge Eyehategod-style…well it’s not! Instead, Black Acid Devil suddenly could pass themselves off as The Melvins, with a repetitive and slow harsh guitar riff, supported by almost out-of-tune vocals. “Dopesmoke” also comes with a classic-to-be riff (aforementioned). This for me has the best bass lines and arrangements of the EP (worthy of Acid King’s III, which coming from me means a lot!)

The last two songs “Chronoclasm” and “Doomscrolls” (featured on their myspace) are more in the vein of an in-your-face yet slow High on Fire (huge gritty guitar tones, tortured border-line strep-throat vocals with layered guitar leads) and Dozer’s “Through the Eyes of Heathens” respectively.

To sum it up, Black Acid Devil might not be reinventing the wheel at this point, but sure is on the right track. The variety and above all this raw and round sound just makes this EP (clocking at 29 minutes) really pleasant to listen to. The influences are pretty clear but there is no rip-off, which is rare in this genre. If you like all-natural, balls out pachyderm rock, Black Acid Devil is for you.


~ by nodusgordis on February 25, 2010.

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