Hangman’s Chair (France) – (A Lament For…) The Addicts


I just recently came across fellow French doomsters Hangman’s Chair and was spun out to find them on France’s grind reference-label Bones Brigade. For the record, this band is made up of Rising Dust/Arkangel drummer Mehdi Thépegnier and former members of Parisian band Es La Guerilla. Unfortunately, I could not get a hard copy of “(A Lament For…) The Addicts”, as according to guitarist Adrien Lederer, the album is out of press (he kindly sent me the album via email).

This first full-length opens on “Sad but Drunk”, which sets the tone from the outset: a Goatsnake-type of heavy doom, which however is not just a mere copy-paste. What differentiates Hangman’s Chair from the Californians is mainly Keo’s vocals, which is a perfect mix of aggressiveness and melody, sounding like the bastard child of Peter Stahl and Layne Stanley. Talk about charisma…

As far as the music is concerned, you might be thrown-off by the versatility of the tracks that vacillate between Pepper Keenan’s palm-muted and bluesy riffs (“I am Proud to Destroy Myself” – “Deep in the Bottle”) and Greg Anderson’s bent one-note passages. For solos addicts, “(A Lament For…) The Addicts” is a lesson in the art of mastering your instrument without showing-off, which once again is reminiscent of a famous New Orleans crew.

I really liked the fact the guys used original samples throughout the album and not the usual witchcraft-related soundbites of so-called cult movies we keep hearing everywhere. They know better (although I don’t know where they were taken from).

As a bonus for you listener, Hangman’s Chair will also indulge you with two superb acoustic tracks, including one instrumental piece (“Skit 1”) which is a perfect song to sip a bottle of whiskey on a shady porch. The second one (“Maybe the Snow is Back in Town”)  I think is a direct tribute paid to Black Sabbath and Alice in Chains. Indeed, when the song starts, I automatically thought of “Sleeping Village” on the eponymous Black Sabbath album. By the time you reach the chorus, you will think you are listening to AIC’s Dirt  -“Rooster” maybe?-.

My favorite song out of these 47.27’ would be “No Rest I’ve Found, simply because it gives a good idea of what this band is capable of doing. Needless to say I am proud of finnaly being able to name-drop French bands in my musical conversations! Hats down gentlemen!


~ by nodusgordis on November 19, 2009.

One Response to “Hangman’s Chair (France) – (A Lament For…) The Addicts”

  1. oh yeah, i know well this fucking band (i’m french, living in Belgium). Really proud too to have a band like this in france.
    I saw them few weeks ago in bruxelles, very great show. Can’t wait for the next in march.
    And don’t forget to check for the next album “leaving Paris”, in march. (there’s a new song on myspace)

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