Bongripper (USA) – “Hate Ashbury”


Here we go again…The infamous BONGRIPPER is back at work. As much as I enjoyed their 2007 release “Hippie Killer,” in my opinion, this album is unfortunately pretty disappointing. Not that I always expect bands to evolve from on album to another, but “Hate Ashbury” is simply too much to take. This band might has lost its magic. The same elements of “Hippie Killer” are being used: that awesome warm bass tone and the juxtaposing layers of ethereal and massive sludge guitars.

Out of the 8 songs on this album, there are only 3 proper songs per se. The rest is either feedback or some massive drone riff going on forever, or just noise…It just seems to me they had decided on the duration of the record before they wrote the songs to fill it. What a waste of time…and what a disappointment!

Now, out of the aforementioned three “songs”…you get some BONGRIPPER at its best: the more doomy bits are awesome and at times vaguely reminiscent of Electric Wizard. Song VI is an awesome build-up, but unfortunately it doesn’t lead anywhere. Why the hell did they stop the song there? It just makes no sense.

The best song of the album for me would be VIII, which is one (literally) gigantic and mesmerizing bad-ass riff. The drum beat has a really cool vibe about it and is also super heavy. But once again…it finishes with an endless feedback.

What were these guys thinking when they made this record? In my opinion, the only excuse for it would be that they decided to record on impulse and showed up to the studio unannounced. Perhaps the sound engineer squeezed them in to his schedule between two other bands? Under these circumstances, I would commend them on a great album, but assuming that they were not under such time pressures, it feels half-assed. Evidently, I am disappointed by the lack of creativity on this record, however I do think these guys are great musicians and look forward to a much higher level of inspiration on their next record.


~ by nodusgordis on November 19, 2009.

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