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Reader meet Cough, from Richmond, Virginia. No this ain’t a old-scholl thrash metal band. The name gives it away: it’s a sludgedelic pneumonia we got here. Cough is a three-piece that has a strong Sabbath/Electric Wizard vibe to it. Of course, if what you want is revolutionary music don’t bother man. This is doom…no “true technical Finnish death metal”! It is simply some extremely good old doom injected with insane vocals. Interview with Parker…


1) Hey David, Chandler and Joseph! How are you guys doing? Thanks a lot for replying to this interview!

Thanks for asking us.  It’s just me, Parker (Chandler).  David’s floating around on couches and Joey’s at one of his jobs right now.  They say ‘hi’.


2)  I am the proud owner of your latest album “Sigillum Luciferi” and it’s a fuking killer! How long has it been out for? Tell us a little about that period up until you hit the studio? Do you have any new material?

Glad you enjoy it.  “Sigillum Luciferi” has been out for about a year and a half but it was just released on vinyl thanks to some awesome labels.  That’s our first full-length so I think we were still figuring a lot of things out about writing with each other.  We also had a singer at the time, so there were other ideas going around about what we should be.  We were actually supposed to record that record with a somebody in Richmond but he bailed on us at the last minute so we decided to go with Sanford Parker.  He knows heavy music so we’re excited to be recording the next full-length (Ritual Abuse) with him in October.


3) As I was about to order your old demos, you guys put a post up saying you ran out…FOREVER! What happened? Did you lose the master copies? Any chance that you might have them repressed?

We still have our personal copies of the demo but since we were doing all the screen printing and burning ourselves we decided it was best to let that one go.  It’s hard to keep up with everything and there wasn’t a lot of demand for the demo at the time, plus we had it up for download.  If anybody wants to release the demo on vinyl we would be more than happy to put it out, we just don’t have the money.



4) Cough…How did it all start? Were you guys in other bands before? Have you always been playing this slow stuff of have you evolved towards it? What did you grow up listening to by the way? Do you have any ‘shady’ in your music collection? Come on…surprise me!

Joey was in a band called Sword who has since changed their name to Lord by Fire to avoid any confusion with THE Sword.  David was in a band with our first singer called the Setup.  I hadn’t done anything serious in years.  Joey’s been doing it the longest, I would say.  We’ve always enjoyed the slow stuff but we hadn’t really found the right people to do it until we started hanging out.  Black Sabbath is obviously a classic band for anybody to get into at a young age.  Once you get older and really listen to them you start to pick up on more and more things and it evolves from there.  You get deeper and deeper into the genre.  The shadiest thing I have in my music library is obscure porno-grind; I had a phase in high school.


5) You guys are from Richmond, Virginia (is for lovers)…Usually, it is more famous for its thrash or even punk scene (The Northern Virginia/DC area) scene. Were you ever into the DC hardcore scene? Do you sometimes feel lonely or do you have buddy bands?

Richmond is very diverse.  We’ve got some really big names and some really small ones, but none of them play as slow and heavy as we do.  The DC scene is known for doom, but it doesn’t seem like many people respect it up there.    In high school I saw Khanate and Thrones at this shit hole in Woodbridge (birthplace of Pentagram).  I went to high school right outside of DC so I did go to a lot of Hardcore shows, but there wasn’t much else happening. 

As far as friendships go, we’ve made some good friends over the years so we don’t feel alone at all.  


6) Have you ever played at Jaxx in Springfield by any chance?

No.  We know better.


7) Why did you choose to be a three piece ? Ever considered taking on a fourth member?

We were a four piece but the singer left.  We would consider a second guitarist but that’s it.  It would have to be the right kind of person to put up with our shit.


8) “Tune down…smoke up”…are marijuana laws is Virginia likely to change or not?

With the recession I think it would make sense for them to legalize and tax weed but they’re not going to admit that they’ve been wrong all these years.  Americans are strapped for cash but they still have the money to get fucked up and they do.  I’m sure that all drug sales, legal or illegal, are doing just fine.




9) Would you say Cough is more of an live band or a studio band? How often do you guys gig? What was the coolest show you gave?

I’d like to think we’re more of a live band but more people are going to hear the recording in the long run, so we try to do them both well.  You’re not going to get a light show or a big smokey production, just loud riffs.  

We normally play a couple times a month or sometimes not at all.  Turning down an awesome show is hard to do but sometimes we’ve got to.  We recently played with Sourvein and Unearthly Trance in Brooklyn and we’re glad we didn’t turn that one down.


10) How did you end up on Forcefield Records? Do they tend to release vinyls? What is your favorite medium by the way?

Tim from Forcefield is an old friend and he’s all about underground music.  He acts as if his releases are his bands and he does what he can to take care of ‘his’ acts.  It was a no brainer when he asked if he could release our record.  He’s starting to do more vinyl which is our favorite medium.


11) What gear do you use live (any different than in the studio?)? Is it full artillery or is (as I imagine) carrying the gear around is just too much of a hassle?

Live, we use everything that will fit in the van.  In the studio, this time around, we’re going to try to go full-force.  Not sure how that will affect the sound but I heard that Blue Cheer did it.


12) What do you think of all these more atmospheric/ambient bands like Red Sparrowes, Pelican, Cult of Luna etc etc…?

Those bands don’t concern us, they do their thing and we do ours.  


13) Is Cough a satanic band or did you just use the artwork because it simply looked good? Could you tell me this satanic imagery and weed mixes up so well? ( I always wondered…)

We use the imagery as a metal band above anything else.  Everyone is self-indulgent and materialist no matter what god they claim to have a personal relationship with.  Religion is bullshit is how I choose to look at it.  If Christians actually followed what they claimed to believe, it wouldn’t be so hard to tell them apart from Satanists wearing their crosses differently.  

Weed has been around for a long time, that’s probably why it goes so well with satanic imagery; anything ancient goes well with metal (robes, fire, swords, bones, etc.).


14) What would you change in Virginia?

Population control would be a dream come true.


15) On “Shallow Grave” there is a very familiar riff…is it a reference to some band?

I’m curious to know which riff/band, it’s been about two years and nobody’s ever pointed that out.  I hope we did it better.




16) Ever been to Europe? What are you favorite european bands?

We’re working on getting over there.  The Wounded Kings are a big favorite of ours and we’re actually doing a split with them soon.  Aside from the obvious: Reverend Bizarre, Moho, Ufomammut, Lord Vicar.  


17) I read on a French website that Cough, even though reminds us of the golden era where bands like Electric Wizard and co. were at their best, Cough isn’t original. What would you reply to that? (What’s with people wanting originlality all the time anyway???). Are you obessessed by the quest for originality?

It’s still great that people mention legendary bands in our reviews.  There’s a saying that ‘everybody has parents’ and it holds true in all forms of art.  We’re not trying to do something that nobody’s done before, we’re playing doom.  Although all of our influences are great bands, none of them are original, they’re just the best at what they do.  


18) What are Cough’s plans for the near future?

Recording ‘Ritual Abuse’ is at the top of our list right now.  A couple shows coming up, maybe a small winter tour.  Split LP with the Wounded Kings.  Hopefully a European tour after all that.


19) Are you gonna be at the Stoner Hands of Doom 2010 edition? Have you ever played there and went to the festival? How is it?

We haven’t been invited, maybe someday. 


20) I’ll let you conclude this discusion…

This has been a beast of an interview.


Thanks a lot oh Mighty Cough!

Take care.




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